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Science  20 Aug 1943:
Vol. 98, Issue 2538, pp. 161-164
DOI: 10.1126/science.98.2538.161


Progressive therapeutics depends on research, but at the same time it is a marked stimulant for promoting research. Through research will come much of the post-war advancement which may occur in medicine and allied sciences, drug manufacturing and educational centers. Success and survival will depend not only on cooperation, leadership and a shrewd business sense but on an adequate appreciation of opportunities, limitations and the value of fostering research by providing grants and fellowships. Much material assistance can be provided with mutual gain for all participants when such fellowships are established. This gain may extend past current problems into lifelong associations. If the manufacturer recognizes his opportunities and obligations and forges ahead to challenge or accept them instead of remaining on the defensive, there will be less likelihood of being fettered by purblind policies. Each one interested in research and therapeutics has responsibilities peculiar to himself, but there are few, regardless of occupation, who, at the completion of a job well done, does not feel as Pasteur, who said of the researcher:

It is indeed a hard task when you believe you have found an important scientific fact and are feverishly anxious to publish it, to constrain yourself for days, weeks, years sometimes, to fight with yourself, to try to ruin your own experiments and only to proclaim your discovery after having exhausted all contrary hypotheses.

But when, after so many efforts, you have at last arrived at certainty, your joy is one of the greatest which can be felt by a human soul, and the thought that you will have contributed to the honor of your country renders that joy still deeper.