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MMS19 Assembles Iron-Sulfur Proteins Required for DNA Metabolism and Genomic Integrity

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Science  07 Jun 2012:
DOI: 10.1126/science.1219723

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Instability of the nuclear genome is a hallmark of cancer and aging. MMS19 protein has been linked to maintenance of genomic integrity, but the molecular basis of this connection is unknown. Here, we identify MMS19 as a member of the cytosolic iron-sulfur protein assembly (CIA) machinery. MMS19 functions as part of the CIA targeting complex that specifically interacts with and facilitates iron-sulfur cluster insertion into apoproteins involved in methionine biosynthesis, DNA replication, DNA repair, and telomere maintenance. MMS19 thus serves as an adapter between early-acting CIA components and a subset of cellular iron-sulfur proteins. The function of MMS19 in maturation of crucial components of DNA metabolism may explain the sensitivity of MMS19 mutants to DNA damage and the presence of extended telomeres.

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