Deformations Within Moving Kinetochores Reveal Different Sites of Active and Passive Force Generation

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Science  21 Jun 2012:
DOI: 10.1126/science.1221886

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Kinetochores mediate chromosome segregation at mitosis. They are thought to contain both active, force-producing and passive, frictional interfaces with microtubules whose relative locations have been unclear. We inferred mechanical deformation within single kinetochores during metaphase oscillations by measuring average separations between fluorescently labeled kinetochore subunits in living cells undergoing mitosis. Intersubunit distances were shorter in kinetochores moving toward poles than those moving away. Intersubunit separation decreased abruptly when kinetochores switched to poleward movement, and decreased further when pulling force increased, suggesting that active force generation during poleward movement compresses kinetochores. The data revealed an active force-generating interface within kinetochores, and a separate passive frictional interface located at least 20 nm away poleward. Together, these interfaces allow persistent attachment with intermittent active force generation.

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