Coherence and Indistinguishability of Single Electrons Emitted by Independent Sources

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Science  24 Jan 2013:
DOI: 10.1126/science.1232572

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The on-demand emission of coherent and indistinguishable electrons by independent synchronized sources is a challenging task of quantum electronics, in particular regarding its application for quantum information processing. Using two independent on-demand electron sources, we trigger the emission of two single-electron wavepackets at different inputs of an electronic beamsplitter. Whereas classical particles would be randomly partitioned by the splitter, we observe two-particle interferences resulting from quantum exchange. Both electrons, emitted in indistinguishable wavepackets with synchronized arrival time on the splitter, exit in different outputs as recorded by the low frequency current noise. The demonstration of two-electron interference provides the possibility to manipulate coherent and indistinguishable single-electron wavepackets in quantum conductors.

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