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Polyhedra Self-Assembled from DNA Tripods and Characterized with 3D DNA-PAINT

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Science  13 Mar 2014:
DOI: 10.1126/science.1250944

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DNA self-assembly has produced diverse synthetic three-dimensional polyhedra. These structures typically have a molecular weight no greater than 5 megadaltons (MD). We report a simple, general strategy for one-step self-assembly of wireframe DNA polyhedra that are more massive than most previous structures. A stiff three-arm-junction DNA origami tile motif with precisely controlled angles and arm lengths was used for hierarchical assembly of polyhedra. We experimentally constructed a tetrahedron (20 MD), a triangular prism (30 MD), a cube (40 MD), a pentagonal prism (50 MD), and a hexagonal prism (60 MD) with edge widths of 100 nanometers. The structures were visualized by transmission electron microscopy and by three-dimensional DNA-PAINT super-resolution fluorescent microscopy of single molecules in solution.

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