Photonic spin-controlled multifunctional shared-aperture antenna array

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Science  21 Apr 2016:
DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf3417

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The shared-aperture phased antenna array developed in the field of radar applications is a promising approach for increased functionality in photonics. The alliance between the shared-aperture concepts and the geometric phase phenomenon arising from spin-orbit interaction provides a route to implement photonic spin-control multifunctional metasurfaces. We adopt a thinning technique within the shared-aperture synthesis and investigate interleaved sparse nanoantenna matrices and spin-enabled asymmetric harmonic response to achieve helicity-controlled multiple structured wave-fronts such as vortex beams carrying orbital angular momentum. Multiplexed geometric phase profiles are utilized for the simultaneous measurement of spectrum characteristics and polarization state of light, enabling integrated on-chip spectropolarimetric analysis. The shared-aperture metasurface platform opens a pathway to novel types of nanophotonic functionality.

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