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Ectodermal Wnt Function As a Neural Crest Inducer
Martín I. García-Castro, Christophe Marcelle, Marianne Bronner-Fraser

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Supplemental Figure 1. Distribution of Wnt5a, 5b and 8c during neural crest formation. Expression (whole mount in situ hybridization) of (A) Wnt5a, (B) Wnt5b, (C) Wnt8c is restricted to the caudal region of the embryo. Wnt5a (A) is expressed in the neural plate (np) caudal to Hensen's node, in the primitive streak and in areas adjacent to it. Wnt5b (B) also appears in the caudal part of the neural plate, but it is not expressed in the primitive streak. Wnt8c (C) is expressed on the neural folds of the open neural plate and on the primitive streak and regions lateral to it.

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Supplemental Figure 2. (A) Diagram of cell injection procedure (red asterisk) into the open neural plate of a stage 10 chick embryo (27); injections are placed either in the lumen of the closing neural tube (i) or adjacent to the neural folds at the level of Hensen's node (ii), with similar results in either location. Photograph of embryo immediately after injection (B) and after 24 hours of incubation (C) showing the location of the injected cells (white arrows, and red asterisk).

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