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Regulation of Blood and Lymphatic Vascular Separation by Signaling Proteins SLP-76 and Syk
Farhad Abtahian, Anastasia Guerriero, Eric Sebzda, Min-Min Lu, Rong Zhou, Attila Mocsai, Erin E. Myers, Bin Huang, David G. Jackson, Victor A. Ferrari, Victor Tybulewicz, Clifford A. Lowell, John J. Lepore, Gary A. Koretzky, and Mark L. Kahn

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 and S2
Movies S1 through S4

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Supplemental Movies 1 and 2. Cardiac MRI reveals normal heart function in slp-76�/� mice. ECG-gated transverse images were obtained at the level of the papillary muscles and collated to create movie of a wild-type (Supplemental Movie S1) and slp-76�/� (Supplemental Movie S2) heart function during a single cardiac cycle.

Supplemental Movies 3 and 4. First-pass angiography of live wild-type (movie S3) and SLP-76�deficient (movie S4) mice reveals vascular continuity between blood and lymphatic vessels and early venous filling in SLP-76�deficient animals consistent with shunting. Real-time video microscopy of the intestinal vasculature was performed after injection of FITC-dextran into the jugular vein. Note the simultaneous filling of both vein and lymphatic following arterial filling in the SLP-76�deficient animal and the failure of arterial FITC-dextran to wash out before venous and lymphatic filling.