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NompC TRP Channel Required for Vertebrate Sensory Hair Cell Mechanotransduction
Samuel Sidi, Rainer W. Friedrich, Teresa Nicolson

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S3

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  • Movie S1
    Video recording of the absence of the acoustic startle reflex in gt MO nompC morphants. At 80 hpf, uninjected and nompC MO-injected larvae were stimulated with a series of taps or vibrational stimuli. Control animals showed an escape response (13 out of 15 wild type larvae displayed a startle reflex during each tap), whereas 20 out of 23 nompC morphants did not react to the stimuli. In contrast, nompC morphants responded to touch stimuli (data not shown). The morphants were derived from a single experiment in which a high penetrance of the phenotype was observed.