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Inactivation of TNF Signaling by Rationally Designed Dominant-Negative TNF Variants
Paul M. Steed, MalĂș G. Tansey, Jonathan Zalevsky, Eugene A. Zhukovsky, John R. Desjarlais, David E. Szymkowski, Christina Abbott, David Carmichael, Cheryl Chan, Lisa Cherry, Peter Cheung, Arthur J. Chirino, Hyo H. Chung, Stephen K. Doberstein, Araz Eivazi, Anton V. Filikov, Sarah X. Gao, RenĂ© S. Hubert, Marian Hwang, Linus Hyun, Sandhya Kashi, Alice Kim, Esther Kim, James Kung, Sabrina P. Martinez, Umesh S. Muchhal, Duc-Hanh T. Nguyen, Christopher O'Brien, Donald O'Keefe, Karen Singer, Omid Vafa, Jost Vielmetter, Sean C. Yoder, and Bassil I. Dahiyat

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