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Human Population: The Next Half-Century
Joel E. Cohen
Science302, 1172 (2003)
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Web Sites of Interest on Population Issues


Selected U.N. Sites on Population
United Nations Population Division
Home site for population offerings of the U.N. Economic and Social Affairs Department.
World Population Prospects Population Database
Comprehensive, extremely useful interface to U.N. databases on worldwide population and development indices.
United Nations Population Information Network
Gateway to wide variety of information on population cutting across U.N. divisions.
United Nations Population Fund
Web headquarters of "the world's largest international source of funding for population and reproductive health programmes" includes information on worldwide programs and links to yearly State of World Population reports.
Other Online Resources
U.S. Census Bureau International Programs Center
Portal to a variety of worldwide population data from the Bureau, including the Historical Estimates of World Population.
National Center for Health Statistics
One of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, NCHA includes on its site a wealth of National Vital Statistics Reports covering birthrates, mortality, and other demographic measures.
European Association for Population Studies
Organization of European scientists working in demography.
Institut National d'Études Démographiques
French institute charged with undertaking and coordinating all of the country's research on population issues.
INED Population in Figures
Useful database of demographic information from INED offering population data for developed countries as well as worldwide aggregates.
AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment
Free online version of comprehensive reference on geographic relationships between population and environment.
Population Reference Bureau
Superb site offers a rich menu of data and interpretation on world population and associated social topics such as reproductive health, poverty, and race.
Beyond Six Billion
Online edition of the landmark 2000 publication from the Committee on Population of the National Research Council.
Pop Info
Education-oriented site from the advocacy group Facing the Future.
A joint project of PRB the National Council for Science and the Environment, PopPlanet provides a wealth of online reports and publications on population issues.
Population Council
Nonprofit, interdisciplinary organization researching population and related issues.
International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
"World wide network of demographers" site offers rich collection of links, a publications page, and more.
The Population Institute
Worldwide advocacy group, founded in 1969, that seeks to "achieve a world population in balance with a healthy global environment and resource base."
Well-curated collection of links to population-related Web sites, from the Population Reference Bureau.
The World Wide Web of Demography
From the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, a rich collection of links to Web destinations on population and demographic studies, including worldwide regional and subregional data.
Demographic Research
Free online peer-reviewed journal from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.


Selected Previous Science Articles on Population Issues


Europe's Population at a Turning Point
Wolfgang Lutz et al.
Science299, 1991-1992 (2003)
[Summary][Full text]
Demographic Consequences of Declining Fertility
John Bongaarts
Science282, 419-420 (1998)
[Summary][Full text]
Food Production, Population Growth, and the Environment
Gretchen Daily et al.
Science281, 1291-1292 (1998)
[Summary][Full text]
Biodemographic Trajectories of Longevity
James W. Vaupel et al.
Science280, 855-860 (1998)
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From the JSTOR Archive
Population Growth and Earth's Human Carrying Capacity
Joel E. Cohen
Science269, 341-346 (1995)
[PDF] (1.7 MB)
Stagnation in the Decline of the World Population Growth Rate During the 1980s
Shiro Horiuchi
Science257, 761-765 (1992)
[PDF] (1.1 MB)

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