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To accompany
Tropical Soils and Food Security: The Next 50 Years
M. A. Stocking
Science302, 1356-1359 (2003)
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Web Sites of Interest on Soils and Food Security


Selected U.N. FAO Sites
Special Programme for Food Security
A program of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations that helps developing countries achieve food security through improved nutrition and agricultural development.
FAO Land and Water Development Division
Rich gateway to myriad resources on soil biodiversity and fertility, country-specific soil data, and more. Includes a soil biodiversity portal with a wealth of basic information.
A database of country statistics on soil, terrain, climatic and agricultural land use limitations, from the FAO's Land and Water Development Division.
Agriculture 21: Magazine and Guide
Exhaustive archive of news and information on agriculture, biotechnology, natural resource management, and food safety and security, made available by the FAO.
World Food Summit: Five Years Later
Report from an international alliance devoted to reducing world hunger.
Other Online Resources
U.N. World Food Programme
Web site of "the world's largest humanitarian agency."
Soil Quality Institute
A program of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and a comprehensive source of information on soil quality research, soil use and management, and soil education.
International Food Policy Research Institute
Collects, analyzes and distributes data on economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries, and the management of the natural resources that support agriculture. Site's 2020 Vision section includes a variety of worthwhile downloadable publications, including Reaching Sustainable Food Security for All by 2020.
AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment
Free online version of comprehensive reference on geographic relationships between population and environment; includes sections on foodcrops and land use.
Development Gateway: Food Security
Interactive site for information on sustainable development and poverty reduction that includes links to news, conferences, and current research.
Livelihoods Connect
A learning platform for creating sustainable livelihoods to eliminate poverty, complete with information resources, case studies, and project summaries. Made available by the U.K. Department For International Development (DFID).
International Soil Reference and Information Centre
Netherlands-based foundation for documentation, research, and training about world soil resources, with an emphasis on developing countries. Headquarters of the World Data Center for Soils
Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Institute
A division of the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), a nonprofit research organization that aims to reduce hunger and poverty and improve natural resources in developing countries.
Soil Science Society of America
Dedicated to the advancement of soil science as it relates to crop production, environmental quality, and ecosystem sustainability.
Food Security and Safety
The May 2002 issue of Economic Perspectives (an electronic journal of the U.S. State Department) discussed a range of topics relating to food security, with an emphasis on U.S. policy.
Food Security Network
Links to recent global food security and agriculture news, organized by region.
Worldwide Portal to Information on Soil Health
Extensive database of annotated English- and Spanish-language Web resources related to soil health and management.


Selected Previous Science Articles on Soils and Food Security


Science for African Food Security
Gordon Conway and Gary Toenniessen
Science299, 1187-1188 (2003)
[Summary][Full text]
Soil Fertility and Biodiversity in Organic Farming
Paul Maeder et al.
Science296, 1694-1697 (2002)
[Abstract][Full text]
World Poverty and Hunger -- The Challenge for Science
Ismail Serageldin
Science296, 54-58 (2002)
[Summary][Full text]
Soil Fertility and Hunger in Africa
Pedro A. Sanchez
Science295, 2019-2020 (2002)
[Summary][Full text]
Forecasting Agriculturally Driven Global Environmental Change
David Tilman
Science292, 281-284 (2001)
[Abstract][Full text]
U.S. Soil Erosion Rates--Myth and Reality
Stanley W. Trimble and Pierre Crosson
Science289, 248-250 (2000)
[Summary][Full text]
The U.S. Carbon Budget: Contributions from Land-Use Change
R. A. Houghton, J. L. Hackler, and K. T. Lawrence
Science285, 574-578 (1999)
[Abstract][Full text]
Biotechnology and Food Security in the 21st Century
Ismail Serageldin
Science285, 387-389 (1999)
[Abstract][Full text]
Food Production, Population Growth, and the Environment
Gretchen Daily et al.
Science281, 1291-1292 (1998)
[Summary][Full text]
Integration of Environmental, Agronomic, and Economic Aspects of Fertilizer Management
Pamela A. Matson, Rosamond Naylor, and Ivan Ortiz-Monasterio
Science280, 112-115 (1998)
[Abstract][Full text]
Long-Term Agroecosystem Experiments: Assessing Agricultural Sustainability and Global Change
Paul E. Rasmussen et al.
Science280, 893-896 (1998)
[Abstract][Full text]
Agricultural Intensification and Ecosystem Properties
P. A. Matson, W. J. Parton, A. G. Power, and M. J. Swift
Science277, 504-509 (1997)
[Abstract][Full text]
From the JSTOR Archive
Environmental and Economic Costs of Soil Erosion and Conservation Benefits
David Pimentel et al.
Science267, 1117-1123 (1995)
[PDF] (1.7 MB)
Managing the Soils of Sub-Saharan Africa
Rattan Lal
Science236, 1069-1076 (1987)
[PDF] (2.4 MB)
World Population Growth, Soil Erosion, and Food Security
Lester R. Brown
Science214, 995-1002 (1981)
[PDF] (1.9 MB)

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