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A Probabilistic Functional Network of Yeast Genes
I. Lee, S. V. Date, A. T. Adai, E. M. Marcotte

Supporting Online Material

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This supplement contains:

Materials and Methods
SOM Text
Figures S1 to 14
Tables S1 to S4

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Supporting Data S1 to S5. Data tables containing a summary of all linkages in the final network and clusters representing yeast functional modules, as well as three-dimensional renderings of gene clusters (in Virtual Reality Markup Language; viewable with a VRML viewer.) Material is packaged as compressed archive of five files, in *.zip format; users should download the compressed file to their machine and decompress the file on their local hard drive, using the instructions below.

Note: Owing to an error at Science, a corrupted version of this compressed file was uploaded at the time of original publication of this article. The error has been corrected in the current version of the file. We regret the error.

Instructions for downloading and decompressing data files:

  1. Create a temporary folder on your machine's hard drive.
  2. Save the compressed archive to the temporary folder you created, using the link above.
  3. Decompress the compressed file in the temporary folder using decompression software such as WinZip (Windows; or StuffIt Expander (Windows and Mac;
  4. Contents of the archive, as well as instructions on viewing the VRML (*.wrl) files, are documented in the SOM_README.txt file packaged with the archive. Any user inquiries about this material should be directed to the author of the paper.