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Strong, Transparent, Multifunctional, Carbon Nanotube Sheets
Mei Zhang, Shaoli Fang, Anvar A. Zakhidov, Sergey B. Lee, Ali E. Aliev, Christopher D. Williams, Ken R. Atkinson, Ray H. Baughman

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Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S7
Movies S1 and S2

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    Movie 1
    Real time movie showing the hand drawing of a MWNT nanotube sheet to a meter length.

    Movie 2
    Real time movie showing a MWNT appliqu� [an undensified MWNT sheet sandwiched between a transparent packaging tape (3M cat. 3501L) and a 110-�m sheet of poly(ethylene terephthalate)] being repeatedly bent without causing significant increase in electrical resistance (measured in kilohms on the pictured meter).