Supporting Online Material

The Transcriptome of the Sea Urchin Embryo
Manoj P. Samanta, Waraporn Tongprasit, Sorin Istrail, R. Andrew Cameron, Qiang Tu, Eric H. Davidson, Viktor Stolc

Supporting Online Material

This supplement contains:
Materials and Methods
Fig. S1
Tables S1 and S2

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Other Supporting Online Material for this manuscript includes the following:
Tables S3 to S7

Tables S3 to S7. Miscellaneous data tables, included in a single ASCII (text) file and packaged as a compressed archive, in *.zip format. Users should download the compressed file to their machine and decompress the file on their local hard drive, using the instructions below. The following tables are included:

Table S3: Expression of OGS genes
Table S4: Novel coding regions
Table S5: Matches of OGS exons with tiling array data
Table S6: Transcribed regions
Table S7: Asymmetric transcripts (12.0 MB; 42.8 MB decompressed)

Instructions for downloading and decompressing files:

1. Create a temporary folder on your machine's hard drive.
2. Save the compressed archive to the temporary folder you created, using the links above.
3. Decompress the compressed file in the temporary folder using decompression software such as WinZip (Windows; or StuffIt Expander (Windows and Mac;
4. Text files can be opened and read in any text editor, Web browser, or word processing package.