Supporting Online Material

Sound Production in the Clownfish Amphiprion clarkii
Eric Parmentier, Orphal Colleye, Michael L. Fine, Bruno Frédérich, Pierre Vandewalle, Anthony Herrel

Supporting Online Material

This supplement contains:
Movies S1 and S2

Movie S1
This movie shows the movements realized by the clownfish Amphiprion clarkii when producing three different agonistic sounds. The video was recorded at 200 fps. (Video clip; 8MB)

Movie S2
3D-animation (in lateral front view) showing the movements of the skeletal part of the head during the sound production. The movements are 1) the elevation of the head, 2) the backward displacement of the pectoral girdle, opercle, and hyoid bar. These movements stretch the sonic ligaments (in red in the video), forcing the mandible to turn around its articulation, and closing. The result is the collision of the jaw teeth. (Quicktime; 6.16MB)

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