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Apoptotic Force and Tissue Dynamics During Drosophila Embryogenesis
Yusuke Toyama, Xomalin G. Peralta, Adrienne R. Wells, Daniel P. Kiehart, Glenn S. Edwards

Supporting Online Material

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Materials and Methods
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Figs. S1 to S4
Tables S1 and S2

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Movies S1 to S6

Movie s1
Native dorsal closure in a control (w ; P{sGMCAB2, w+}III) embryo corresponding to Fig. S1.

Movie s2
Morphology of amnioserosa cells in embryo that inhibits apoptosis in amnioserosa cells (w ; P{c381-GAL4, w+}II / P{UAS::GFP::moe, w+}II ; P{sGMCAB2, w+}III / P{UAS-p35, w+}III). The embryo did not exhibit the stereotypic sequence of cellular events that typify apoptosis (extrusion, blebbing, and fragmentation).

Movie s3
Movie of dorsal closure in control embryos corresponding to Fig. 1A.

Movie s4
Movie of dorsal closure in AS-p35 embryos corresponding to Fig. 1B.

Movie s5
Movie of dorsal closure in AS-grim embryos corresponding to Fig. 1C.

Movie s6
Edge-cut protocol corresponding to Fig. 3A.

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