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Cryo-EM Model of the Bullet-Shaped Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Peng Ge, Jun Tsao, Stan Schein, Todd J. Green, Ming Luo, Z. Hong Zhou

Supporting Online Material

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Materials and Methods
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Figs. S1 to S6
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Movie s1
Architectural representation of the virion trunk, rendered in 3D animation. 4 turns of M, part of the membrane bilayer, incomplete subunits, and a 30° wedge have been computationally removed. The virion trunk was first rotated around its helical axis and then around the horizontal axis to show the interior.

Movie s2
. 3D animation of the virion trunk, as seen from the central cavity. The nucleocapsid (red) and the matrix (pink) are rotating around their helical axis. The background music is from Mozart's piano sonata in C-Major (K545).

Movie s3
3D animation showing the fit of the crystal structure of N (yellow ribbon) with vRNA (dark ribbon) into the cryoEM density map (semi-transparent shaded surface). The movie then zooms into the C-lobes of N's. The conformation of N in the virion trunk versus that in the decamer ring is contrasted by morphing between the two structures. We notice that the hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions observed in the side-by-side interface of N as in the decamer ring are pulled apart by ~9Å in the virion trunk.

Movie s4
Four adjacent M (cyan) with two N (green) subunits in the neighborhood of one M with its M-hub in yellow. The volume is contoured at 1.0σ.

Movie s5
Matching between high density regions (gray blobs, contoured at 3.0σ above the mean) in the M density map and α helices in the docked crystal structure of MCTD (PDB:2W2R) (ribbons).

Movie s6
Matching between high density regions (magenta wireframe, contoured at 3.5σ above the mean) in the N density map and α helices in the docked crystal structure of N (PDB:2GIC) (yellow and blue ribbons).

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