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Phosphatidic Acid Is a pH Biosensor That Links Membrane Biogenesis to Metabolism
Barry P. Young, John J. H. Shin, Rick Orij, Jesse T. Chao, Shu Chen Li, Xue Li Guan, Anthony Khong, Eric Jan, Markus R. Wenk, William A. Prinz, Gertien J. Smits, Christopher J. R. Loewen

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Table S1. This table lists the growth of each DMA spot in the absence or presence of inositol (n=3). Very small spots (relative area < 0.05) were assigned a minimum value of 0.05 before calculating ratios. Strains that grew poorly (relative area <_0.2 on="on" medium="medium" containing="containing" inositol="inositol" were="were" ignored="ignored" when="when" determining="determining" sensitivity.="sensitivity." br="br">Table S2. This table lists which inositol-sensitive strains were rescued by OPI1 deletion. "Rescued" indicates the double mutant was not inositol-sensitive; "Partially" - the double mutant was inositol-sensitive, but significantly less so than the single mutant.
Table S3. This table lists the genes found in enriched gene ontology categories as described in Fig. S2.

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