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KOI-126: A Triply Eclipsing Hierarchical Triple with Two Low-Mass Stars
Joshua A. Carter, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Darin Ragozzine, Matthew J. Holman, Samuel N. Quinn, David W. Latham, Lars A. Buchhave, Jeffrey Van Cleve, William D. Cochran, Miles T. Cote, Michael Endl, Eric B. Ford, Michael R. Haas, Jon M. Jenkins, David G. Koch, Jie Li, Jack J. Lissauer, Phillip J. MacQueen, Christopher K. Middour, Jerome A. Orosz, Jason F. Rowe, Jason H. Steffen, William F. Welsh

Supporting Online Material

This supplement contains:
Materials and Methods
Figs. S1 to S7
Table S1

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Movie s1
This movie shows the dynamical evolution of the KOI-126 system over the time of the Kepler observations used in the determination of the system parameters. The thin top panel shows the three stars (A, B, and C) relative to the barycenter of the system as viewed from an observer situated in the plane of the orbit of (B,C) about A. The top right panel shows the action from the frame centered on A, while the lower right panel is in the frame centered on the center of mass of (B,C). The large yellow star is KOI-126 A, and the smaller salmon-colored and red stars are KOI-126 B and C, respectively. Sizes and distances are to scale; however, fluxes are not. The moving time series shows the total flux from all three stars. The gray points are actual data.

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