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A Cell Cycle Phosphoproteome of the Yeast Centrosome

Jamie M. Keck, Michele H. Jones, Catherine C. L. Wong, Jonathan Binkley, Daici Chen, Sue L. Jaspersen, Eric P. Holinger, Tao Xu, Mario Niepel, Michael P. Rout, Jackie Vogel, Arend Sidow, John R. Yates III, and Mark Winey

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S5 and S7 to S10
  • Table S1
  • References
Databases S1 and S2
Database S1: Comprehensive yeast centrosome phosphorylation site database for asynchronous, mitotic, and G1-arrested cells. Database S2: Phosphopeptide and phosphorylation site data.
Fig. S6
Evolutionary constraint analysis of yeast centrosome proteins.