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An Expanded Palette of Genetically Encoded Ca2+ Indicators

Yongxin Zhao, Satoko Araki, Jiahui Wu, Takayuki Teramoto, Yu-Fen Chang, Masahiro Nakano, Ahmed S. Abdelfattah, Manabi Fujiwara, Takeshi Ishihara, Takeharu Nagai, Robert E. Campbell

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Corrected 29 September 2011: Four revisions were made by the authors: on p. 4, "YY" was deleted and replaced with "RV_GCaMP-Stop-HindIII"; on p. 8, "25°C" was changed to "20°C"; on p. 10, "GCaMP_RV_EcoR1" was changed to "GCaMP_RV_HindIII"; and in Table S6, a row was added for GCaMP_RV_HindIII.
The original version can be accessed here.

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
Time-lapse three-color fluorescence imaging of HeLa cells transfectedwith plasmids encoding R-GECO1 targeted to the nucleus (top right), G-GECO1targeted to the cytoplasm (top left), and GEM-GECO1 to the mitochondria(bottom left). Filter specifications are provided in Table S5. For GEM-GECO1,the ratio of blue to green fluorescence emission has been pseudocolored by usingthe color bar shown. (Bottom right) Image merges the three color channels, withthe GEM-GECO1 emission ratio pseudocolored magenta rather than the rainbowrepresentation used in the adjacent panel.