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The Intraepithelial T Cell Response to NKG2D-Ligands Links Lymphoid Stress Surveillance to Atopy

Jessica Strid, Olga Sobolev, Biljana Zafirova, Bojan Polic, Adrian Hayday

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S14
  • References (26–34)
Correction (26 January 2012): In an early version of the image processing software Imaris, individual zstack planes were manually loaded for processing, as opposed to current versions in which they load directly from the microscope. Hence, imprecise usage of the early version had a potential for image misalignment and even duplication during subsequent zstack compression that regrettably occurred in the "BTg" panel in fig S1B on p. 6 (and the "WT" panel in Fig 2B, the "dox on" panel in Fig. 2C in the print Report). The authors have provided appropriately compressed raw data files for these panels along with paired control images, and they apologize for any confusion caused by these errors. All other images in the Report and supporting online material were already presented as compressed raw data, accurately reflecting each image plane captured on the microscope. The artifacts in the three panels do not in any way affect the paper's findings. A labeling error in the WT panel of fig. S4 on p. 9 was also noted and the figure corrected. The Report's conclusions stand.
The original version is accessible here.