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ApoE-Directed Therapeutics Rapidly Clear β-Amyloid and Reverse Deficits in AD Mouse Models

Paige E. Cramer, John R. Cirrito, Daniel W. Wesson, C. Y. Daniel Lee, J. Colleen Karlo, Adriana E. Zinn, Brad T. Casali, Jessica L. Restivo, Whitney D. Goebel, Michael J. James, Kurt R. Brunden, Donald A. Wilson, Gary E. Landreth

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 to S7
  • References (27ndash;32)

Revised 23 March 2012:In the original version of the SOM, reference 20 duplicated reference 5, hence has now been deleted; references 21 to 26 in the main text are now renumbered 20 to 25, and SOM references 27 to 32 are renumbered 26 to 31.
The original version is still available here.