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The Connectome of a Decision-Making Neural Network

Travis A. Jarrell, Yi Wang, Adam E. Bloniarz, Christopher A. Brittin, Meng Xu, J. Nichol Thomson, Donna G. Albertson, David H. Hall, Scott W. Emmons

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Movie S1

A C. elegans male mates with a hermaphrodite (real time). The worms swim on their sides in a bacterial lawn on an agar surface. The male presses the ventral side of its tail against the hermaphrodite body and swims backwards, scanning for the vulva. Vulva location is followed by spicule prodding, spicule insertion, and ejaculation. [Movie credit: R. Lints and D.H. Hall (2009). Male introduction, in WormAtlas; doi:10.3908/wormatlas.2.1]