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The Formation and Evolution of Massive Black Holes

M. Volonteri

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Movie S1
Simulation of the formation of a galaxy similar to our Milky Way. Massive black
holes lurk in the centers of many of the building blocks that merge to assemble the Galaxy, and a
black hole also inhabits the final galaxy. When two galaxies both hosting a black hole merge,
sometimes the two black holes merge as well into a larger one, sometimes one of the black holes
does not make it to the center and remains wandering in the newly formed galaxy. [Credits:
Jillian Bellovary, Fabio Governato]
Movie S2
Simulation of the merger of two disc galaxies to study if and when massive black
holes merge when their galaxies merge, and when they light up as quasars. Sometimes only one
of the two black holes goes off as quasar, sometimes both are lit at the same time. Quasar activity
can be followed as bright white point-like sources that turn on and off. [Credits: Sandor Van