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Photomechanical Responses in Drosophila Photoreceptors

Roger C. Hardie, Kristian Franze

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Movie S1
The movie shows the distal 2/3 of a dissociated wild-type ommatidium (~80 µm long consisting of 8 photoreceptors, distal ends up). The microvillar rhabdomeres can be seen as longitudinal "tracks" (see Fig. 1 main text for more details). Following a single bright flash (~106 photons, white square), a rapid sub-micron (~500 nm) contraction is observed, followed by a slower relaxation. The ommatidium was bathed in normal bath solution and imaged using a Scion Firewire camera via a 40x oil immersion objective using dim red light, with 125 ms exposures at 3 frames s-1. Scale bar 5 µm.