Supplementary Materials

Flows of Research Manuscripts Among Scientific Journals Reveal Hidden Submission Patterns

V. Calcagno, E. Demoinet, K. Gollner, L. Guidi, D. Ruths, C. de Mazancourt

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  • Materials and Methods
  • Figs. S1 and S3 to S5
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  • References
Figure S2
High resolution picture of the submission network (Figure 1) as a separate pdf file.
Database S1
Journal overlap between ISI subject categories. This is a 17*17 matrix as an Excel .xls spreadsheet. Rows and columns correspond to subject categories (indexed as in Table S1). Each row (one subject category), gives the percentage of journals shared with each other category and the percentage of journals unique to the category (on the diagonal; bold face).
Database S2
The weighted adjacency matrix of the submission network. This is a 2094*2094 matrix stored as an Excel .xlsx spreadsheet. The adjacency matrix is on the first sheet, the names of the nodes on the second. Journals not in the sample set have no self-loops (NA) and zero in-degree.