Supplementary Materials

Bio-Inspired Polymer Composite Actuator and Generator Driven by Water Gradients

Mingming Ma, Liang Guo, Daniel G. Anderson, Robert Langer

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  • Materials and Methods
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  • Eqs. S1 to S3
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  • References (27–32)

Images, Video, and Other Other Media

Movie S1
A 20-µm-thick PEE-PPy film is flipping and navigating over a 30 °C moist paper. The transparent film labeled "PE" is a polyethylene film. The black film besides the PE film is a 20-µm-thick PPy film made from IPA/BFEE (7:3) electrolyte without PEE.
Movie S2
Three 20-µm-thick PEE-PPy films show leaps on a 35 °C moist substrate.
Movie S3
Two 20-µm-thick PEE-PPy films are flipping and navigating over a 30 °C moist substrate. The large one is 9 cm × 9 cm and the small one is 2 cm × 4 cm. Despite the size difference, these two films flip at a similar frequency.
Movie S4
Loaded with 260-mg silver wires, a 25-mg PEE-PPy actuator is flipping on a 35 °C moist substrate
Movie S5
Driven by water gradients, a generator based on a PEE-PPy actuator and a PVDF piezoelectric element is repeatedly contracting and expanding repeatedly on a 30 °C moist substrate.