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Restoration of Large Damage Volumes in Polymers

S. R. White, J. S. Moore, N. R. Sottos, B. P. Krull, W. A. Santa Cruz, R. C. R. Gergely

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Movie S1
Full movie of a fill experiment. Optical images with ultraviolet illumination of 7.5 mm diameter cylindrical damage geometry recorded at a rate of approximately 4 frames per second during pressurized delivery of HEMA gel solutions (2 v/v% catalyst, no initiator or promoter). Blue liquid is Part A [HEMA, Gelator A (56% of total Gel A), DCA catalyst] dyed with perylene, red liquid is Part B [HEMA, Gelator A (44% of total Gel A), Gelator B] dyed with Nile Red and DFWB-K10-50 (Risk Reactor). The movie is sped up 13.3x.