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Genomic and archaeological evidence suggests a dual origin of domestic dogs

Laurent A. F. Frantz, Victoria E. Mullin, Maud Pionnier-Capitan, Ophélie Lebrasseur, Morgane Ollivier, Angela Perri, Anna Linderholm, Valeria Mattiangeli, Matthew D. Teasdale, Evangelos A. Dimopoulos, Anne Tresset, Marilyne Duffraisse, Finbar McCormick, László Bartosiewicz, Erika Gál, Éva A. Nyerges, Mikhail V. Sablin, Stéphanie Bréhard, Marjan Mashkour, Adrian Bălăşescu, Benjamin Gillet, Sandrine Hughes, Olivier Chassaing, Christophe Hitte, Jean-Denis Vigne, Keith Dobney, Catherine Hänni, Daniel G. Bradley, Greger Larson

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  • Figs. S1 to S29
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  • References (23–119)
  • Captions for Tables S4, S5, and S7
Tables S4
D-statistics results from whole genome.
Tables S5
Summary of the mtDNA data set.
Tables S7
Archeological information plotted in Fig. 3a. Samples with a * represent "proto-dogs" specimens that were excluded from the analysis (see above).