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Atmospheric blocking as a traffic jam in the jet stream

Noboru Nakamura and Clare S. Y. Huang

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Movie S1
1D experiment of blocking lifecycle
This video shows the result of the 1D experiment of blocking lifecycle described in the main text. The horizontal axis is longitude (periodic, shifted in such a way as to map approximately the same range as Figs. 1a, 1b, and 2a). The stationary red curve is A0(x) (stationary wave component of LWA); the black curve is A = A0 + Â (total LWA). This curve represents the envelope of wave crests and does not include the phase structure of the waves. The blue curve is Ŝ (forcing; arbitrary unit). The experiment was initialized at Day –290 but shown only for Days –22 through +28. See Materials and Methods for the parameters used in the model
Correction (22 June 2018): In a previous version of the supplementary materials, time t in eq. S14 was not defined relative to the beginning of the numerical integration. The timing of forcing was also displayed incorrectly in fig. S3 and movie S1. In the materials and methods, the list of symbols did not include a definition for cg. The supplementary materials have been corrected since First Release.
The original PDF is accessible here and the movie here.