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  • Tumor lymphangiogenesis promotes T cell infiltration and potentiates immunotherapy in melanoma

    Tumor lymphangiogenesis, a driver of immunosuppression and metastasis, also potentiates immunotherapy.

  • Winter is coming: Tumor cells go into hibernation

    In response to hypoxia in the primary tumor microenvironment, tumor cells induce a state of dormancy enabling their persistence at metastatic sites and resistance to therapy.

  • Interfering with HIV therapy

    Type 1 interferon signaling promotes HIV persistence even during combined antiretroviral therapy.

  • The lung’s defensive line

    Resident memory T cells in human airway tissues encode specialized programs for retention, maintenance, and rapid but controlled effector function.

  • Working for Tip(DC)s

    Adoptive T cell therapy depends on induction of Tip-DCs, which promote T cell function and enhance tumor control.

  • Re-energizing exhausted T cells?

    Mitochondrial mass is linked to effector function and exhaustion in tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells.

  • The good and bad of T cell promiscuity

    A conserved minimal binding motif permits promiscuous TCR binding for pathogen/self cross-reactivity.

  • AID-ing inflammatory carcinogenesis

    Inflammation-induced AID expression in epithelial cells drives mutagenesis and skin carcinogenesis independent of UV damage.