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  • Detection and localization of surgically resectable cancers with a multi-analyte blood test

    A blood test that combines protein and DNA markers may allow earlier detection of eight common cancer types.

  • Colocalization of Inflammatory Response with B7-H1 Expression in Human Melanocytic Lesions Supports an Adaptive Resistance Mechanism of Immune Escape

    Activated tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes may induce B7-H1 on melanocytes, which suggests adaptive resistance to antitumor immunity.

  • Altered Telomeres in Tumors with ATRX and DAXX Mutations

    Chromosome tips seem to be maintained by an unusual mechanism in tumors that have mutations in chromatin remodeling genes.

  • Recurrent GNAS Mutations Define an Unexpected Pathway for Pancreatic Cyst Development

    A mutation in the gene GNAS serves as a marker for pancreatic cysts that can progress to become invasive adenocarcinomas, guiding therapy.

  • Exomic Sequencing Identifies PALB2 as a Pancreatic Cancer Susceptibility Gene

    Mutations in a gene previously implicated in breast cancer are a contributing factor in hereditary pancreatic cancer.

  • Core Signaling Pathways in Human Pancreatic Cancers Revealed by Global Genomic Analyses

    Sequencing of DNA mutations shows that the same 12 signaling pathways are disrupted in most pancreatic tumors, suggesting these as key to tumor development.