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  • Rare variant in scavenger receptor BI raises HDL cholesterol and increases risk of coronary heart disease

    A human genetics study sheds light on how HDL (good) cholesterol protects against cardiovascular disease.

  • Mighty Minipig in Fight Against Cardiovascular Disease

    A cloned transgenic minipig model of hypercholesterolemia and accelerated atherosclerosis could accelerate discovery of new therapies for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

  • Niacin Lipid Efficacy Is Independent of Both the Niacin Receptor GPR109A and Free Fatty Acid Suppression

    GPR109A is not the target mediating niacin’s lipid efficacy and the free fatty acid hypothesis does not explain niacin’s mechanism of action.

  • A Common Variant on Chromosome 9p21 Affects the Risk of Myocardial Infarction

    About one of every four Caucasians carry a sequence variation at a regulatory region of chromosome 9 that confers an elevated risk of heart disease.