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  • Human IFN-γ immunity to mycobacteria is governed by both IL-12 and IL-23

    Human IFN-γ–dependent immunity to mycobacteria is less compromised in IL-12Rβ2 or IL-23R deficiency than IL-12Rβ1 deficiency.

  • Specificity, cross-reactivity, and function of antibodies elicited by Zika virus infection

    Cross-reactive antibody responses may pose a risk for disease on secondary infections with Dengue and/or Zika viruses.

  • The Human Vaccines Project: A roadmap for cancer vaccine development

    A concerted international effort is necessary to achieve clinically effective cancer vaccines.

  • Protective monotherapy against lethal Ebola virus infection by a potently neutralizing antibody

    Monoclonal antibodies that bind Ebola virus glycoprotein show therapeutic efficacy in macaques.

  • Impairment of immunity to Candida and Mycobacterium in humans with bi-allelic RORC mutations

    People with loss-of-function mutations in the transcription factor RORC exhibit a surprising susceptibility to Mycobacterium.

  • Functional heterogeneity of human memory CD4+ T cell clones primed by pathogens or vaccines

    Human memory CD4+ T cells acquire multiple fates when responding to infection or vaccination. [Also see Perspective by Davis]

  • A Neutralizing Antibody Selected from Plasma Cells That Binds to Group 1 and Group 2 Influenza A Hemagglutinins

    An antibody able to broadly neutralize both group 1 and group 2 influenza A viruses—and its target epitope—are identified.