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  • A high-coverage Neandertal genome from Vindija Cave in Croatia

    A second deep-sequenced Neandertal genome reveals more about Neandertals and their relationships with ancient humans.

  • A fourth Denisovan individual

    DNA retrieved from a tooth discovered deep in Denisova Cave allows us to assign it to the Denisovans, a group of archaic hominins.

  • Neandertal and Denisovan DNA from Pleistocene sediments

    DNA from archaic humans can be retrieved from Pleistocene sediments, even in the absence of their skeletal remains.

  • Human-specific gene ARHGAP11B promotes basal progenitor amplification and neocortex expansion

    A gene found in modern humans but not mice drives proliferation of the neural progenitor cells that build the brain’s neocortex.

  • A High-Coverage Genome Sequence from an Archaic Denisovan Individual

    A close-up look provides clues to the relationships between modern humans, Denisovans, and Neandertals.

  • A Draft Sequence of the Neandertal Genome

    Gene flow has occurred from Neandertals to humans of Eurasian descent, but not to Africans.

  • Evolutionary and Biomedical Insights from the Rhesus Macaque Genome