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  • An Earth-Sized Planet in the Habitable Zone of a Cool Star

    NASA’s Kepler mission revealed that the fifth and outermost planet orbiting Kepler-186 is capable of hosting liquid water.

  • Kepler-62: A Five-Planet System with Planets of 1.4 and 1.6 Earth Radii in the Habitable Zone

    The Kepler mission detected a five-planet system with two small planets in the habitable zone of a star lighter than the Sun.

  • Kepler-16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet

    An exoplanet has been observed, comparable in size and mass to Saturn, that orbits a pair of stars.

  • Kepler-9: A System of Multiple Planets Transiting a Sun-Like Star, Confirmed by Timing Variations

    Two Saturn-size planets show variations in the times they take to transit their star due to gravitational interaction.

  • Kepler Planet-Detection Mission: Introduction and First Results

    Initial observations confirm the existence of planets with densities lower than those predicted for gas giant planets.