20 December 1946
Vol 104, Issue 2712

About The Cover

James Graham Chesnutt who won the $1,000 AAAS-George Westinghouse Science Writing Award for Newspapers as announced last week in Science. Mr. Chesnutt will be present at a luncheon in Boston 27 December to receive the award and a citation for accurate and readable scientific news reporting. The winning story, describing the work of Karl F. Meyer, director of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research, University of California, on chemotherapy of Bubonic Plague, appeared in the Call-Bulletin, San Francisco, where Mr. Chesnutt is employed as a reporter and rewrite man. He was discharged from the Army last Spring with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel after having been with the Psychological Warfare Branch, SHAEF. After VE day he helped to reorganize the German press.