10 January 1947
Vol 105, Issue 2715

About The Cover

President Truman signing the executive order transferring the U. S. Atomic Energy Program from military to civilian control.

Carroll L. Wilson, who was shortly before made general manager of the Atomic Energy Commission, is seated to the left, and David Lilienthal, chairman of the Commission, is seated on the right; standing, left to right, Sumner T. Pike, a member of the Commission; Col. K. D. Nichols, deputy chief of the Manhattan Engineer District; Secretary of War Robert Patterson; Maj. Gen. Leslie Groves, formerly in charge of the Manhattan Engineer District; Lewis L. Strauss and William W. Waymack, members of the Commission.

The Commission met in Washington with its advisory committee during the first week in January preparatory to taking over active control of more than 43,000 employees involved in the Manhattan Project.