31 January 1947
Vol 105, Issue 2718

About The Cover

President Truman congratulating 10 key scientists for their work in the wartime Office of Scientific Research and Development, January 20. Left to right, seated: James B. Conant, president, Harvard University; the President; and Alfred N. Richards, vice-president, University of Pennsylvania. Standing: Karl T. Compton, president, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Lewis H. Weed, chairman, Division of Medical Sciences, National Research Council; Vannevar Bush, chairman, new Army-Navy Joint Research and Development Board; Frank B. Jewett, president, National Academy of Sciences; J. C. Hunsaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Roger Adams, University of Illinois; A. Baird Hastings, Harvard University; and A. R. Dochez, Columbia University. Richard C. Tolman, California Institute of Technology, who also received a letter of thanks from President Truman, was not in Washington.