24 October 1947
Vol 106, Issue 2756

About The Cover

Kon-Tiki returning to San Francisco with her crew after having traveled the 4,300 odd miles from Callao, Peru, to Raroia in the Tuamoto Archipelago along the course of the Humboldt Current. The journey, which required 101 days, was planned by Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian ethnologist, in an effort to prove that the early American Indians might have sailed the route to settle Polynesia. Constructed chiefly of balsa and bamboo bound together with rope and having a 15 × 18 foot canvas sail, the primitive craft was built by Heyerdahl and Herman Watzinger in the style believed to have been used during the pre-Inca period. Other members of the crew were Bengt Danielson, Torstein Raaby, Erick Hesselberg, and Knut Haugland.