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Association Affairs

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Science  18 Sep 1953:
Vol. 118, Issue 3064, pp. 319
DOI: 10.1126/science.118.3064.319


In the article "The Boston Meetings of the Association: A Bit of Background" (SCIENCE, 118, 224) it was stated that of the 15 past presidents of the Association now living five are residents of New England. It should have been six: The name of Albert F. Blakeslee, for the past ten years Visiting Professor of Botany and Director of the Smith College Genetics Experiment Station, Northampton, Massachusetts, instead of being listed in a footnote, should have been included with Karl T. Compton, James B. Conant, Harlow Shapley, Edmund W. Sinnott, and Kirtley F. Mather. Apologies are offered to all concerned. R. L. T.

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