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Stability and Absorption Spectrumof Malononitrile

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Science  13 Aug 1954:
Vol. 120, Issue 3111, pp. 266-269
DOI: 10.1126/science.120.3111.266


1) Spectra in the ultraviolet and visible regions havebeen obtained on samples of malononitrile under differentconditions. The samples were manufactured by severalcompanies in America and Sweden.

2) The spectral analysis has demonstrated that thecompound used by Hydén and Hartelius is not the sameas that employed by American investigators. If, however,an aqueous solution of the American product is allowedto stand at room temperature for a long enough time,it develops the same spectral characteristics as the Swedish solution.

3) Future studies will concern themselves with attempts to identify, the active substance and to examineits effect on neuronal nucleoproteins.