Are the Sciences Too Far Ahead of Advertisers?

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Science  19 Nov 1954:
Vol. 120, Issue 3125, pp. 7A
DOI: 10.1126/science.120.3125.7A


The following editorial by C. B. Larrabee in the periodical Printers' Ink for 22 October brings questions that have long troubled scientists to the attention of the general publishing and advertising fraternities. The use of scientific-sounding but scientifically meaningless or misleading language, distortions of scientific thought and experimental results, false analogies both direct and implied—in short, the misuse of science and scientific evidence—can be found in many fields. It is good to see concrete evidence that others are also concerned with the problem.

Incidentally, advertising designed to appear in periodicals serving scientists is generally accurate—more informational than promotional. The readers—the potential buyers—help to control the quality of the advertising.