Chemical Aspects of Enzyme Inhibition

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Science  11 Jan 1957:
Vol. 125, Issue 3237, pp. 54-59
DOI: 10.1126/science.125.3237.54


The use of chemical reagents as enzyme inhibitors has yielded information concerning the mechanism of inhibition and the role in catalysis played by active groups on the protein apoenzyme, the coenzyme, or the metal component. Inhibition analysis has also furnished valuable clues concerning the architecture, chemical properties, and catalytic mechanism of the active site of the enzyme. In many cases, in vivo effects of inhibitors can be closely correlated with in vitro inhibition of purified enzyme systems. The effects of antimicrobial and anticancer agents, insecticides, and drugs can often be explained in terms of enzyme inhibition. The design and synthesis of new inhibitors offers great promise when applied to the control of undesirable organisms and to the prevention and cure of disease in the immediate future.