Organization of Scientific Activities in Norway

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Science  13 Mar 1959:
Vol. 129, Issue 3350, pp. 694-700
DOI: 10.1126/science.129.3350.694


By way of a summary, may I say that I believe we now have in Norway an over-all pattern for the administration of research which fits our present situation reasonably well. There are weaknesses, as I have pointed out, but there are also signs that we have a fair chance of putting them right. The system is sufficiently flexible to allow for initiative, and we know we shall have to make changes to fit our future needs. We are in the happy situation of having our youth show an increasing interest in research work, so if we can sucessfully master our training problems we should have the good recruitment we consider essential for progress in research. The problem of "being small" can probably be solved, or at least remedied, through a combination of concentration and international collaboration.

In think it has now become clear to the greater part of our population, and specifically to a great number of influential persons, that if we in Norway are to maintain and develop our spiritual and material culture, we shall have to continue the progress in research. We thus hope that in the future, through a united effort of our Government, our trades and industries, and our research, we shall be able to contribute our share to the common fund of knowledge and shall be able also to use this knowledge to expand the social and economic life of our nation and contribute to the security of all free nations.