Mammalian Cytochrome b

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Science  25 Sep 1959:
Vol. 130, Issue 3378, pp. 796-798
DOI: 10.1126/science.130.3378.796


Digestion of a preparation of cytochromes b and c1 with pancreatic protease followed by ammonium sulfate precipitation resulted in a soluble cytochrome b uncontaminated by cytochrome Cl. This preparation, which was free of succinic dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase activity, had an estimated δE1 cm1g/ml of 102 for its alpha-peak. In the reduced form absorption maxima were found at 560 to 562, 530 to 532, and 427 to 428 mµ, and in the oxidized form, at 413 mµ.

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