Corrections and Clarifications

Water Intake without the Act of Drinking

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Science  18 Mar 1960:
Vol. 131, Issue 3403, pp. 819
DOI: 10.1126/science.131.3403.819


The second sentence of the third paragraph of the report by A. N. Epstein, "Water intake without the act of drinking" [Science 131, 497 (19 Feb. 1960)], should have read "With this in mind, a chronic gastric tube for rats was developed that is passed through the nasopharynx, thus bypassing the head and oropharyngeal receptors." In the published report, a corrected version of a line from the following sentence, "nasopharyngeal gastric tubes were first," was substituted for the words "nasopharynx, thus bypassing the head...."

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