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Ultrahigh-Energy Accelerators

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Science  19 May 1961:
Vol. 133, Issue 3464, pp. 1602-1607
DOI: 10.1126/science.133.3464.1602


Summarizing, one can say that the construction of ultrahigh-energy accelerators will be justifiable even at presently predictable costs. There is little doubt that eventually physicists will push into the domain of superintensity as well as that of superenergy. If they do this, it will be because the information that will then become available will be needed in order to formulate a more complete picture of nature. For the time being, we should examine the results of the 30-Gev synchrotrons in the light of their bearing on these large constructions of the future. But if these projects are to be realized in a time comparable to our lifetime, then those study projects which have become a necessary prelude to actual construction should be started now (3).

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